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A little over a year ago, I purchased the Neuton® Garden Cart, powered by a 12V 17AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery for my wife. At first glance, she said "take it back and get your money back."
Seeing as how I felt she would end up liking it somehow, I decided to keep it and give it a fair chance.
After she used it for several weeks, she came to love it! She's used it for garden mulch, topsoil, weeding and moving firewood.
Its small size fits nicely between the 12 raised bed gardens she tends.
The surprise of the whole thing is how much longer you can work when your load is being powered uphill by something other than sheer human power. It's almost completely replaced our huge, heavy metal, contractors wheelbarrow.
Now, on to the battery. The 12V 18AH battery that Power Equipment Batteries sells is not the same capacity as the one that ships with the cart. Ours is 12V 18AH and theirs is 12V 17AH. Their part number is Neuton® Battery 104831 and retails for $64.95.
Our battery is the same size and an equivalent replacement, with higher capacity and comes with a standard, One Year Warranty from the manufacturer against manufacturing defects.
To make my battery last much longer (probably 5 or more years), I use a Deltran Battery Tender Junior for my cart. (SOLD ON THIS SITE)I simply cut the coaxial plug off the end of the original Neuton® Garden Cart charger, leaving about 6 inches of cable. Observing correct polarity, I then made up a cable that plugs directly into the Battery Tender Junior with the end that fits the Neuton® Cart.
Now, I can plug the charger in to the cart and leave it on for months, unattended if I choose and it will not over charge the battery. It's considered a "smart" charger and is what I use to charge all of my batteries.
I do sell the Deltran Battery Tender Junior and will have some instructions up before long for those that wish to have their battery last for years and are willing to make up this cable.

Since this is electrical and can cause damage or fire or even worse if it's done incorrectly, I DO NOT recommend doing this unless you have the experience and background. I do!

Feel free to register to post on the forum or email me through the website.

Thanks for reading!


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